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Garden in Alafors seeks growers
Alafors, Nödinge-Nol, Sverige

Hello, I have a big garden in central Alafors, good sunny position, mostly lawn, looking boring and green. Here I…

500 sqm garden seeks growers
Björnväktarens gata 21, Göteborg, Sverige

A garden in Bergsjön of approx. 500 sqm looking for growers! We are an older couple who lost our grip…

Commercial farming & greenhouse in Kålltorp
Sanatoriegatan 90, 416 53 Göteborg, Sverige

Do you want to grow commercially in the Renströmska park in Kålltorp? Here is a brief description from the Real…

Growing boxes in Krokslätt
Krokslättsgatan 11, Mölndal, Sverige

Small villa garden in Krokslätt, 10 min tram from central Gothenburg, is looking for a grower. We have 4 cultivation…

Calm private farm near Kungsbacka
Älvsåkersvägen 1063, Kungsbacka, Sverige

Residential garden (villa garden) with vegetable area of 100 sqm in Kungsbacka, 30-45 min from Gothenburg, looking for growers. I…

Stadsbruk – Commercial testbed Angered
Gunnilsevägen 80, 424 56 Gunnilse, Sverige

Welcome to Angered’s commercial testbed! Here, individuals and companies can lease 500 square meters for commercial vegetable farming. It is…

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