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Garden in Alafors seeks growers
Alafors, Nödinge-Nol, Sverige

Hello, I have a big garden in central Alafors, good sunny position, mostly lawn, looking boring and green. Here I…

500 sqm garden seeks growers
Björnväktarens gata 21, Göteborg, Sverige

A garden in Bergsjön of approx. 500 sqm looking for growers! We are an older couple who lost our grip…

Growing boxes in Krokslätt
Krokslättsgatan 11, Mölndal, Sverige

Small villa garden in Krokslätt, 10 min tram from central Gothenburg, is looking for a grower. We have 4 cultivation…

Calm private farm near Kungsbacka
Älvsåkersvägen 1063, Kungsbacka, Sverige

Residential garden (villa garden) with vegetable area of 100 sqm in Kungsbacka, 30-45 min from Gothenburg, looking for growers. I…

Stadsbruk – Commercial testbed Angered
Gunnilsevägen 80, 424 56 Gunnilse, Sverige

Welcome to Angered’s commercial testbed! Here, individuals and companies can lease 500 square meters for commercial vegetable farming. It is…

Stadsbruk – Commercial testbed Skogome
Lerbäcksvägen 21, 422 50 Hisings Backa, Sverige

Welcome to the Skogome commercial test bed! Here, individuals and companies can lease 500-1000 square meters for commercial vegetable farming.…

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