Garden in Alafors seeks growers
Listed by: Marina

Hello, I have a big garden in central Alafors, good sunny position, mostly lawn, looking boring and green. Here I want to plant more flowers, bushes, hedges (which I started), etc.
Also has nice pallet racks, which are empty at the moment.

I simply can not do everything myself as a full time worker and single mom. I think it would be fun to help out in the garden, fika in the garden is also important 🙂

It would be nice to let someone with great interest grow here in my garden. I need tips & ideas, I would like to buy plants if I know where to dig them 😉 Would you like to help? Get in touch with me!

Mvh Marina



Type of cultivation area: Lawn and a number of small pallets.

Rent: No, I’m just happy if I can get some vegetables occasionally and a beautiful view

Period of time: A cultivation season to begin with

Available service: You can borrow a variety of tools or store your tools in our storage room, and you can also borrow water hoses and use our toilet when we are at home.

Current UseGarden
Land area1000 m²
Rental fee0 KR
Land ownerPrivate person
Contract termsSeasonal
Suitable useAllotment garden, Community farm, Fruits and berries, Rehabilitation, Vegetables
  • Garden in Alafors seeks growers
  • Garden in Alafors seeks growers
  • Garden in Alafors seeks growers
  • Garden in Alafors seeks growers


Förutom att erbjuda mark att odla på behöver vi även hjälp att klippa gräsmatta och buskar, rensa ogräs samt behöver stöd med design och etablering av trädgården. Hör av dig om du är intresserad!
Offers housing?No
Sanitary facilities?Yes
Wheelchair accesible?No
Amenities and services Tool shed, Tools

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