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Iberovägen 5, 438 54 Hindås, Sverige

We grow vegetables. Experimenting. Inviting the hens to be a part of it all.

Gardening plots in Backa – Ideella Föreningen Ladan
Rimmaregatan 9B, Hisings Backa, Sweden

From spring 2020, we will have cultivation lots for rent on Ladan, report interest to or call 0762771769. There…

1,1 ha of land in Archipelago looking for growers
Skäretvägen 61, 430 84 Styrsö, Sverige

My name is Reza and I have 1.1 hectares of land out on the South Archipelago, in Styrsö which is…

Prunkande & Vildvuxen trädgård söker odlare
Bergtungegatan 3, Västra Frölunda, Sverige

Garden owner is looking for growers in Västra Frölunda! A garden plot with fruit, berries and cultivation benches. Half the…

Farmland at Garveriet i Floda
Garverivägen 15, 448 31 Floda, Sverige

Do you want to grow vegetables commercially indoors or outdoors with guaranteed customers? Do you want to be an urban…

Big farmland (for market gardening & agroforestry)
Långavallsgatan 13, 424 57 Gunnilse, Sverige

EcoAgroforestry re-creation Center: The EcoAgroforestry re-creation Center (EAC) in Gothenburg will be one of Northern Europes first Agroforestry Centers as…

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