Showing interviews

Meet Åsa and her farming aspirations!

By Suzanna Törnroth

Åsa Söderberg is a friend to the Grow Gothenburg community and we recently visited her greenhouse operation at Renströmska Parken…

Meet Rebecca and her fascination with the ecosystem!

By Grow Gothenburg

Rebecca is a fellow grower starting her journey in our GrowGBG community and has enjoyed our HSB Living Lab greenhouse…

Meet Sara and her love for castle parks!

By Suzanna Törnroth

Say hello to Sara Lindström, our grower for the month of April! She is the founder and owner of the…

Meet Filippa and Marie and their shared dreams!

By Suzanna Törnroth

Hello! Who are you? We are Filippa and Marie who met on a gardening education at Gunnebo Castle and Gardens.…

Meet Amanda and her ceramics!

By Suzanna Törnroth

What is your biggest passion? I love music, food and people. I spend my days studying and my spare time…

Meet Victoria and her goal of self sufficiency!

By Suzanna Törnroth

What is your biggest passion? My greatest passion = the outdoors. Recreating in the outdoors (usually in the form of…