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Our story

The people behind Grow Gothenburg

Behind Grow Gothenburg is The Foodprint Lab, an organization of architects, city planners, engineers and biologists with a collective passion for designing our future food systems. Our paths were crossed around 6 years ago during an international competition in Biomimicry. Many years later we decided to put our collective experiences together of sustainable food systems, urban placemaking and participatory design.

We use the term “food system design” to nail down what we do at The Foodprint Lab. It is not only buildings, cities and road infrastructure that needs to be designed – but at the basis of our civilization lies our access to food and these systems (both social, ecological and economical) is something we can consciously design. Designing food systems is something we all need to participate in - and it is done through education, mobilization and active participation in the design of the build environment. That is why small scale and local farming is more than just a trend. It is one step in the process of making our food systems more democratic, sustainable and accessible for all!

The interest of local food has grown exponentially since we started off with the Urban Farming Safaris 7 years ago. And we are glad to say that there has been an increase in awareness on the importance of growing local food and so also the urban farming movement has grown exponentially in the last years. However, since it is a grass root movement it was hard to overview for the general public. Therefore we started the Grow Gothenburg project as a collaboration between Gothenburg City and the project Gothenburg Green World 2016 - where we developed an interactive map of the urban farming movement. The map can be seen at

Although this was only the first steps and we saw potential in creating a common platform for the whole movement of urban farmers wanting to create more green and sustainable city - and at the same time, solve the major challenges of access to land, spreading of knowledge and creating a financial sustainability in the movement. So during the autumn of 2016 we developed the concept of the Grow Gothenburg platform to solve these key challenges by sharing land, knowledge and project ideas. And in 2017 we are launching this platform in cooperation with many partners in and around the city.

Our vision is thriving local food systems where everyone has access to grow their own food, start a local farm or buy food directly from their farmer. To reach this vision our goal is to match people with farmable land and farmable friends, provide education and a direct communication channel between producers and consumers. Thus we will also launch a local Grow Market, where you will be able to sell your produce and gardening tools. Grow Academy is currently under development and soon we will launch our first events and courses here together with more educational material, and you will also be able to access courses and events from other local farming organizations. You can get always sign up to our newsletter to get updates on how it goes!

Our loyal partners

The Grow Gothenburg platform wouldn’t be the same without our dear partners and engaged property owners. Here is a list of some of our partners who in some way or another supports the project:

We want to give a special thanks to our partners at Göteborgs Stad who contributes greatly to enable for more urban farming in the city. We have started a pilot partnership to match your project ideas with suitable land.