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New farmland offered by Higab

Would you like to grow in Majorna, Kviberg or Gamlestaden? We are launching a new collaboration with the property owner Higab and we have three new exciting farming areas to be established - in Majorna, Kviberg and in Gamlestan for commercial farming and community gardening. For those who signed up we are also inviting to a series of workshops to co-create these new farming sites between 19-22 mars.

3 new farming areas from Higab

During the spring, three new urban farms will be designed and established on Higab's real estate around Gothenburg in 2018 - at Kviberg's Kaserner, "Musikens hus" and Slakthuset. Therefore, we are now looking for interested growers for these areas, and for those who has applied interest for these plots we will invite you to a series of workshops to give input to the design of the new farms. Below is a brief description and visualization of each farmland and more information about the dates for the workshops will follow further down. More info about the plots can be found at Grow Discover.

Information about new farming areas

Educational community garden at the Musikens hus

Do you want to start a community or educational culture in central Majorna? Do you want to grow flowers or vegetables? Take part in this year's pilot project with 40 sqm of the grey area, to be turned into a green oasis in the courtyard of Musikens hus / Café Hängmattan. We are looking for committed people who want to start or run a community garden together in association or as entrepreneurs.

  Read more and report your interest here

Commercial urban farm at Slakthuset

Do you want to grow commercially at the Slakthuset? Around the corner from Gamlestadstorget - surrounded by the microbrewery Spike and the Acvaponik pioneers Stadsjord - here you now have the opportunity to drive a commercial urban cultivation of 50-100 sqm outdoors while creating a green attractive meeting place.

Read more and register your interest here

Commercial cultivation area on lawn at Kviberg

Do you want to grow vegetables commercially in central Kviberg? In a pilot project with Higab we offer two 50sqm areas fenced in for a commercial or cooperative farm in Kvibergs Kaserngård. There is a big interest from restaurants nearby who expressed an interest to buy the produce if an urban farm would be developed here.

Read more and register your interest here

To register your interest on these plots, you need to create a free account here at and fill in your profile with email address so we can reach you with more information. You may also contact us about questions on

Design Workshops

For those of you who applied interest on these farms we would like to invite you to a workshop for the site you applied for. During the workshop we will visit the farmable area and tell you more about practical details and give you an opportunity to get to know each other and provide input about the design and design of the urban farm/garden.

Workshop: Kviberg:

Time: Monday - Mars 19, 18:00-19:30
Location: Kompani 415, Marketenterivägen 1

Workshop: Musikens hus:

Time: Wednesday - Mars 21, 18:00-19:30
Location: Musikens hus, Karl Johansgatan 16

Workshop: Musikens hus:

Time: Thursday - Mars 22, 18:00-19:30
Location: Yesbox, Gamlestadsvägen 4

PS: Please note that you must have registered your interest and filled in the online application through following link to participate in the workshop (the application must be submitted at the latest March 18th).

Hope to see you there!