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Information to Land owners

Let someone who like gardering help!

Dear land owner,

Welcome to the Grow Gothenburg Platform!

Be matched with your dream grower
Do you own a garden that you don't have time, knowledge to make full use of. Perhaps you have a vision of a green oasis of vegetables, herbs and berries but simply cannot manage to create it all by yourself. Then it’s a great opportunity for someone else to realise his or her gardening dreams! A win win situation for everybody that we are happy to facilitate.

So what's the first step?
If you are a private person you can sign up your interest in this google form. This way you can register your interest and tell us more about your garden and why you are seeking a grower!

How it works

  1. You fill out the this google form. with your information and requirements
  2. Upon approval your land is published in the listing
  3. We will present you different farmers for you to choose as a gardening friend.
  4. The land owner signs a contract with the farmer. We recommend that the owner of the land stands for any necessary investment of material, green house, soil preparation etc that will stay on the property, if no other deals are made with the farmer. (Read more in Land agreement further down).
  5. Now it is time to start Growing together!

By using the service for putting up your land you agree to read and approve with the Terms of Use and Land owner agreement.

Is there a cost?
To cover the platform administration costs there is normally a fee for a private person to put up your plot on the platform. However, to celebrate the launch we make this available for FREE to all private person who submits their garden plots before the 31st of December 2017. So take the opportunity and find a grower to make your garden into a green oasis! And spread the word to all your friends!

Are you a multiple property owner?

If you are an organisation, real estate company or if you just posses multiple properties, contact us for tailor-made deals. We would love hear more about your project ideas and visions and how we can best help you realize it. You can also read more about The Foodprint Lab or get in touch directly through this website.

Land owner agreement Terms and conditions