We're working hard on a mobile version of Grow Gothenburg. In the meantime, please access the platform using a tablet or computer. Thank you.


How does the matchmaking work?
It’s simple. If you are searching for land or a project idea to join you simply create an account and tell us a bit about yourself, what veggies you like and so on. Once you have a profile you can search for plots or projects on the Discover page. You search by size, type of farm and what rent you are willing to pay. Here you can save your favourite farms and projects for later or get updates by signing up on their mailing list. This way, if you meet all of the requirements of the farm or project – we put you in contact with you dream farm or project.

We urge you to only signup for a plot if you are sure you meet the requirements and you are sincerely interested in farming there!

Please observe that in the early days of the platform we cannot guarantee that there will be so many plots, so please feel free to contribute if you or a friend of yours have land or a project idea around farming waiting to be realized!

What happens after I sign up for updates?
After you sign up for updates as a grower we will let the landowner know and they can choose whether to approve your sign up. Usually the owner will wait for a couple of signups before to getting in contact with you. At this point it is really up to the landowner or the project owner to decide if they want to invite people to their plot or to tell more about their project. In any case you will get a notice via email to inform you about if there has been a match.

Who decides who gets the land?
The landowner decides if they want to lend the land to you or any of the other growers. We recommend you to do a trial period first to get to know each other and evidently before you start digging you need to sign a contract of maintenance between you and the landowner.

How do I put up land on the site?
If you have land - anything from your own garden or field to an allotment you would like to share - you can fill out the form in the link below to let us know the details and your preferences. An admin will then look through your form and will contact you with any questions and further information. We try to make this process as fast as possible and aim to have your plot published on the platform within a week or two. Read more about this on the landowner information page.

Fill out the form here.

Is the site for free?
Yes, Getting a Grow Account is totally free. With a free account you can search for plots of available land and project ideas and you can save your favourite projects and signup your interest to receive updates about the project and get in touch with the land or project owner. You also have access to the Grow Gothenburg map and can see events and courses on the Grow Academy page - once it’s released.

In order to make the site go round there is a small fee for putting up your land or project idea. However, until 21 mars this function will be provided for free as a present to you all for celebrating the launch of the plattform. So please spread the word to all the people you think might be interested!

How does it work with the matchmaking of project ideas?
If you don't have project idea and are searching for land or other people to team up with we will give you the oppurtunity to put up your project idea for matching on the platform. This function is soon released, and more information is coming soon!