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Fristad Foodmaker Course 2018

For those of you who have been actively growing and seeking out courses to improve your skills within the city of Gothenburg, is probably not a foreign organisation to you. With over 200 people having gone through the course with great feedback during the last years, they now present a full year course for the year 2018 that is jam-packed with all-you-need to know information about growing within the city. The holistic curriculum is bound to get you up and running towards your 2018 goals in farming, and make all your new-year resolutions come true.


What? Foodmaker course for the whole year of 2018.
When? Begins 1/3 till the end of the year. Spring and autumn study period (weeks 9-22 and 35-49). The course has a half-time (50%) study pace. CSN is applicable.
Where? Fristad Folkhögskola with frequent site visits Borås and Göteborg.

More information can be found here.

About the course

The course is a well-arranged course with themes covering questions that any modern-day urban farmer would ask; How can someone produce food in a city? What comprises the modern-day urban food movement? How can locally produced food make a difference? Can a person farm fish indoors? What is permaculture? How does the digital age affect day-to-day farming? How can someone grow seasonally? These are questions that Foodmaker has experience in answering.

The course does not have any educational pre-requisites, which makes it extremely inclusive and open to anyone who is interested. The course structure follows a variety of topics including, theoretical and practical knowledge on farming, permaculture, methods of food processing, self-sufficiency, rural and urban farming environments, digital tools and sales, and lastly, a project work. The course is great for those who require a pedagogical introduction to farming, and also for those who have already begun their farming journey but, uh erm, find it difficult to find time in the day to work on their passion - the fixed timings of classes and the rigid structure of a educational timetable is a sure way to ensure that you set these times aside to develop your green thumb!

The course is also a great way for you to make friends and expand your network and contacts in the farming community. Learning in a group not only makes it socially engaging, but simply, more enjoyable as well . So what are you waiting for?

For more information go to
Course Leader: Anna Conradson. For questions and concerns - please email