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Meet Svenja, Grower of the week

What is your greatest passion?
Exploring forms of living with textiles and beyond.

Why do you want to start farming (or why are you doing it)?
I want to live more sustainable and in contact with the earth and am interested in forest gardens, greenhouses, foraging and permaculture to design circular systems and to grow my own vegetables. As a PhD student I am also exploring how seeds and plants can be used in textile design processes to change the way we live in and interact with interior spaces. To "live my research” as an artist, I am looking for a space in which I can be free to do so and where I could live and grow and research close to Gothenburg and preferably close to a lake and forest :D (45min radius).

How does your dream farm look like?
My dream farm/farming partner/s represent similar interests in ecological and sustainable farming/gardening and in sharing and discussing about it. A community of more or less like-minded people would be great. I would love to live with animals as well. Living on a farm where animals are held for food would challenge me but I tolerate different convictions. However, as a vegan, cruelty free animal welfare is very important to me. I am looking for a spot to get active and involved, but also to put up my tiny house and research greenhouse on wheels, which are in planning and hopefully will be finished and ready for set-up in early summer. :)