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Farmland in Kviberg
Lilla Regementsvägen 35, 415 27 Göteborg, Sverige

Do you want to grow vegetables commercially or in a community in Kviberg? We offer 500 sqm of growing space…

Flourishing greenhouse close to Chalmers
Elektrovägen 4, 412 58 Gothenburg, Sweden

Wanna join a cool community farm at Chalmers Campus Johanneberg? You are welcome to join the community group who will…

Calm private farm near Kungsbacka
Älvsåkersvägen 1063, Kungsbacka, Sverige

Residential garden (villa garden) with vegetable area of 100 sqm in Kungsbacka, 30-45 min from Gothenburg, looking for growers. I…

Aquaponics at Folkuniversitet
Gothenburg, Sweden

Have you ever heard of aquaponics and are you interested in learning what it is all about? This article interviews…

Stadsbruk – Commercial testbed Skogome
Lerbäcksvägen 21, 422 50 Hisings Backa, Sverige

Welcome to the Skogome commercial test bed! Here, individuals and companies can lease 500-1000 square meters for commercial vegetable farming.…

Brunnsbo Garden Collective
Rimsmedsgatan 4, 422 41 Hisings Backa, Sverige

Why grow a garden on your own when you can grow it together with others?? A newly started 200 sqm…

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