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8 Tips to Buy Groceries in an Environmentally Friendly Way

By Grow Gothenburg

Did you know that you can reduce your energy footprint by almost 50% if you consciously choose environmentally friendly ways…

Do plants grow in the wind?

By Cristina Ramos

You might have observed that when you go hiking in high mountain elevations, plants don’t grow very tall. This is…

5 easy spring vegetables

By Suzanna Törnroth

Have you ever wanted to jumpstart your growing journey this season but just don’t quite seem to find the time?…

My urban gardening volunteering in Sweden – by Oscar Jessen

By Grow Gothenburg

Meet our community friend Oscar Jessen from Hamburg, Germany, who wanted to explore the Swedish urban gardening scene and choose…

Start farming at your school

By Cristina Ramos

 “Hello Andreas, have you seen this video? Anything useful for your teaching?” That was the short message from an old…

Farming techniques for schools

By Cristina Ramos

Hydroponic indoor farming We (Andreas and his students) farm in water with complete or partial artificial lightning. The nutrition for…

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